Monday, June 16, 2003

Fathers' Day recap

I got up at about 5AM for Fathers' Day. It wasn't because of the boy, though - I was going to the MIT Flea with my friend Rob to sell old electronics junk. I did OK - I didn't pile up a lot of cash, but I did get rid of a lot of the stuff I brought - which means I don't have to throw it out or move it to the new house this fall.

I got home from that around 2 - then almost immediately took a nap for a couple of hours. I'm not as young as I used to be, you know.

Once I emerged from my cocoon, Jane took us out for a Fathers' Day treat - we went out on the Rockmore (a floating restaurant on a barge in Salem Harbor) for dinner. The three of us had a lot of fun, the food was good, the bass were biting (on the Rockmore, a fun tradition is to throw bits of food overboard for the stripers - they particularly like bread and french fries), and we got a special treat halfway through the meal. The Coast Guard pulled up in a patrol boat to get dinner - and they let people come on board and tour their patrol boat while they waited for their food. Jane and I took turns going on board (we didn't think bringing David aboard was a good idea), and I took a lot of pictures.

By the way, I will post the long-awaited picture update no later than tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled.

After we took the launch back to Salem, we drove down to the Willows for ice cream and popcorn (mine and hers, respectively), and took a nice walk around. David went to bed around 9:45 or so after watching his Baby Doolittle video.

Unfortunately, he then gave us a 2:30AM screaming session, but these things happen. Jane was able to settle him down with a bottle, but we have to break him of the "Wakeup+Food=Happy" cycle. It doesn't happen that often, but we need to get him into some other way of settling down when it does happen.

The two of them were sound asleep when I left this morning for work.

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