Monday, June 23, 2003

Rain rain go away

And don't ever freaking come back, okay?

Not a bad weekend, weather aside. Saturday was a day of errands and general fun - and then Sunday we went to the baptism of the baby of friends of ours in Middleton. They were able to rent a big tent, so the post-ceremony party went on as scheduled in the rain. David was delightful right up until the very end, and then he spent the drive home being rather tired and upset.

He went to bed pretty early, and had a 3AM incident, but Jane said it wasn't too bad - I was able to fall asleep again pretty quickly, which I usually can't do if he's really bitter.

Other than that, yesterday's open house seems to have been pretty promising, with some good leads. We have a showing this afternoon, and another one Wednesday. Hopefully we'll get a buyer soon, now that we're finally getting some action on the house. I'd really like to have this issue settled real soon - the sooner before our scheduled closing on the new house the better.

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