Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Now that I figured it out

Since I figured out how to change frequencies the right way with my iTrip, it's awesome. The default 87.9 frequency works horribly, though - mine seems to behave much better at 89.3 so far. It doesn't have much impact on battery life, which has been very good on my iPod since I bought it back in October. Keep the battery topped off and runtimes tend to be 8+ hours.

I'm working on an anti-spam gateway at work this week, with the hope that I can finish it and have it in place by the weekend. We're also moving our in-house agency off the LAN and onto a separate segment so they don't have to play by the whole enterprise-wide "Standard Platform" rules - there's only a couple of computers down there and they run software that we know won't work in the new environment. So it's better to spin them out.

I met Jane and The Boy for lunch downtown today (the weather's so great that I walked to work, and she needed to clear out for a realtor's open house). Unfortunately, he knows another word now, and it's "no". He's getting progressively more stong-willed on a daily basis.

Sunday was fun. We did lunch again that day (another open house) at Flynnie's in Marblehead. David behaved very well, but there was another couple there behind us with a 16-month old girl - and she was being very difficult for them. So David turned around in his high chair and started babbling to her.

And she babbled back. They had a great conversation for quite a while - and I think he got her phone number to boot. That kid of mine's a player. Big time.

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