Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Today, our son is 13 months old. He has two new teeth now (bringing the total up to six). He also has picked up a new skill, but one that is, of course, slightly unsettling:

Last Friday, Jane was headed upstairs. He scooted off to follow her, and normally we steer him away from the staircase when that happens. This time I followed him discreetly to see what he did.

He followed her all the way up the stairs.

The kid can't walk yet, but he climbs stairs just fine on the first try. Go figure. Good thing we have a gate at the bottom already.

I lust for a PowerMac G5, but I'll be waiting on that until Apple puts the chip into an iMac, hopefully by fall. I'd be OK with a 1.5 GHz G4 in there, though.

Regardless, I'll probably wait to but the next Mac (mine) until after MacOS 10.3 is out - that way I don't have to buy it separately.

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