Thursday, June 05, 2003

Updates, updates, updates...

First, myself. Myself has a sinus infection at the moment, and just began taking drugs for it yesterday. Other than that and occasional lack of sleep, all is OK.

The boy, on the other hand, is finally recovering from his cold - it wasn't bad but it really lingered on him. But he's improved a lot in the last couple of days. He was somewhat prone to upchucking during this cold, but that's eased up, too. And he's mostly been able to sleep nights again - last night, though, he didn't go to sleep until almost 10, then he was up at 4:30 and after more food he was back down until after 9. Hmm.

Though Speakeasy (who I am still bitter at) missed the deadline I'd imposed to bring the service back up, they did at least communicate to me what was going on and what action was being taken and when. The service came back up early the following morning. After watching it work for a while, I cancelled the Comcast installation for the time being.

I also may ditch my Blackberry in favor of a Danger Hiptop at some point. I need a little more info on GPRS coverage in the area first.

We've had a few nibbles at our house now, but no buyers yet. That will hopefully change before the end of June - otherwise I'll start worrying a little. I'd really rather not pay two mortgages if I can help it, know what I mean?

Finally, I bought my first iTunes Music Store song this week (Lucinda Willams' Righteously). It could get addictive if I'm not careful.

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