Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Ahh, vacations...

This one was far too short.

We went to Cape May, New Jersey with my wife's family. Left Friday, drove to my family in Connecticut, made it to Cape May mid-day Saturday, left Tuesday afternoon, stayed in Connecticut again last night and arrived home this afternoon. A whirlwind tour.

Notes from the trip:

First of all, GPRS may be the absolute huevos, but I couldn't tell you for sure because I couldn't get it working. So much for that.

David made big strides towards standing - he can now stay up for a few seconds before he topples over. I think being around his cousins helped. Something with peer pressure.

He's climbing all sorts of stairs, including those at the condo we stayed at in Cape May. We're still trying to teach him about descending, though.

I have a ton of photos and some video from the trip - all should be posted this weekend. If not, I'm lazy.

We discovered a great new game last night. It's called Swing The Door. David crawls up to a door, swings it shut, and then opens it again to see if anyone is there to play peekaboo. Assuming there is, hilarity ensues. That's the topic of one of the video clips I plan to post.

That's all the update for now. We're off to a dinner on the Rockmore again. Neither of us feel like cooking...

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