Thursday, June 19, 2003

My latest spam

Today is June 19th.

I just got a spam telling me "not long till spring - lose weight now".

Are they referring to spring 2004, was the message just severely delayed, or is the spammer just a clueless freaking moron?

Anyhow, I just got an interesting message from Jimmy with a addendum to Josh's Second Law of Cinema. I'm reproducing it here:

I have two words...
Keanu Reeves!

I think you must addend the addendum. Regardless of how much he sucks, sometimes an actor can recover from suckage if that actor/actress possesses enough eye candy between their head and their toes.

Point well taken. I'll call it "Gorbie's correllary to Josh's Second Law".

On another note, I copy/pasted all my previous blog entries dating back to entry #1 (on October 10, 2001). It totalled 94 pages. That's a lot of blogging!

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