Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Yes, dad-blummit

I am, in fact, working today. Jane is not. She has some stuff to do, though, so David's at a friend's house for a little while while she attends to things.

I had a Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting this morning that got me out of the house rather early. After which I had a couple of phone calls to make (developing some leads I've gotten for new business), and then a visit to a nearby client to solve a printer issue. Because it's an absolutely glorious day out, I walked over to their place and it was nice to do so. I need go head downstairs next, and do some work for another customer.

Billable hours rock.

This evening, Jane has to go in to work briefly for a new hire orientation (they've hired most of their staff now), and so I'll be toddler-wrangling for a while. Yippee!

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