Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Notes from afoot

- Today's grandest spam title: "See the hottest male stars topless!" Somehow I think that an "R" rating doesn't ensue when films have topless male stars... Yet another place where equality doesn't rule!

- David's starting to feel much better, thank you all for asking. He doesn't sound like he's coming from an echo chamber when he talks, and he slept pretty well (only a few coughing moments).

- Previously unmentioned highlight from Saturday: When I arrived at Club Cafe, I was one of the first to show (it was a traffic-free ride to Boston), and I noticed a familiar-looking fellow helping to set up the breakfast. After a few minutes, I placed him - his name was Dana, and he was one of the homeowners from my all-time favorite episodes of Trading Spaces - the "Dartmouth Street, Boston" episode last year featuring two gay couples, a beautiful brownstone building, Doug and Christy as the designers, Amy Wynn as carpenter, and a hysterical visit from a drag singer. Dana told me they had an absolute blast during the shoot.

- Today I resumed getting my fitness from walking - I did a little over two miles around the ponds and through the back of the complex. I should be able to do walks right through November at least. I'll keep riding my bike for another month or so, then put it in the basement for an occasional spinning session (I have a stand for it). I haven't golfed in almost a month, but I hope to play a few more times. I have no clue if the bowling league will be back this year or not.

- I did something the other day I probably should have a while ago - I copied my MacOS boot files over to my iPod and made it bootable. I also moved backups of a lot of my stuff as well. Still have about 15 GB free on top of that, so I can keep loading tunes. Cool.

- My TiVo is developing a serious Rescue Me backlog. It's a great show, but so intense I can't watch more than one episode at a shift. So I'm six episodes behind right now - hopefully the season is almost over so I can start catching up.

- In the not-too-distant future, I'd like to add another hard drive to said TiVo. Even though when we add HD cable service the box includes a DVR function, there's no replacing TiVo.

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