Friday, September 10, 2004

Not bad so far

Well, even though the Sox lost 1.5 games yesterday (they lost, and the Yankees swept a doubleheader with the Devil Rays), I still like their chances of taking the division. Here's why.

Looking at the remaining games on the Yankees' schedule, we have a weekend series in Baltimore, followed by 3 more games in Kansas City. None of these should be a cakewalk, since they're on the road - I'm expecting them to go, at best, 4-2 on the road trip. 3-3 is more likely. Then, after an off day, they have to play three at home against the Sox, followed by three more against the Jays. Then they have to go to Boston for a three-game series, followed by a final 3 games at home against the playoff-bound Twins. 12 games are against division rivals, and half of them with the Sox, who've won more than their share against New York this season so far.

Now, look at the Boston schedule. After this weekend series with Seattle ends, they get 3 games with Tampa at home, the 3-game set with the Yankees, 4 more games at home with Baltimore, the Yankees coming in for 3 more, and then finally wrapping up with 3 games in Tampa.

The Yankees are done with Tampa Bay, and the Sox still get to beat them up 6 times. Figure 5-1 as a likely record for those games. Expect them to take 3 out of 4 with the Orioles at home, and it'll all come down to the 6 games with New York.

I like those odds. A lot.

As for yesterday's NFL season opener, it was a little weird to me - football on a Thursday night in September. I'm not sure I like it. I liked the result, though, even if I couldn't really focus on the game until pretty late in the 3rd quarter. Heck of a finish. We need to keep Willie McGinest on this team for decades to come - he'll be 50 years old and still making plays against the Colts.

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