Tuesday, September 07, 2004


My neighbors are all leaving me - in the last month or so, three of the companies that are in my little corner of the complex have all left. They're not out of business, they've all moved to larger quarters within the building.

Which is good, because I was about to start double-checking to make sure I was using deodorant.

In other news, the first real day of daycare (AKA "school") went fine so far. Jane was gone when David got up this morning, so he was a little puzzled when I greeted him. He asked "where's Mommy", and I told him she was working like Daddy does. I saw the gears spinning in his head for a moment, and then he replied "OK" and let me get him dressed. Splendid.

After a full breakfast of a banana and some of my waffle, we went to school - making a couple of stops on the way. As usual, he cried for a minute when he realized I wasn't staying at school with him, but his teachers are very nice and good at stepping in. One boy in the group appears to be a little too aggressive, but they were all over it and ultimately I think David's confidence will keep the kid from being a problem for him. We'll make sure he's properly reinforced.

Otherwise all is uneventful. My class has been put off until Monday, and so I've simply done a little client work and took care of my accounting for the month. A couple of checks arrived in the mail, too, which is kinda nice.

I'm working on my next promo flyer to go around the building now. Hopefully I'll get it distributed this week. My back will thank me eventually.

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