Wednesday, September 15, 2004

We have cognition!

It's remarkable, watching David develop from day to day. Today, I went to Boston for an ACN meeting. I picked him up around 5:15 - he wasn't too put off by it, because he'd only been there since lunchtime (Jane worked the late shift today, and she's en-route as I type this). Anyhow, on the way out he waved at everyone, hollered "Bye!" a few times to people, and blew Miss Ashley (one of his teachers) a kiss. He's also starting to talk about his fellow toddlers as well.

Anyhow, I drove the back road out of Beverly in the hope we might see a train. David loves trains. So I spotted one in the station and pointed it out to him, and we continued onwards. As I arrived at the crossing just before the bridge, the gates descended and the southbound train we'd seen came rumbling down past us. David was excited. But then, the gates stayed down, and the northbound train passed us by - I swear David's eyes were the size of saucers when it went past. Because it slowed to a stop right in front of us before proceeding up the track. He was in awe.

Afterwards, I asked him how many trains he'd seen. I expected him to say "two", but he said "nine" instead.

Then I played back my memory. Between the two trains, there were nine cars. Nice.

And when we were on our way to pick up Jane last Saturday afternoon, he read his first road sign out loud. It was on the front of a store in Vinnin Square.

The word was "liquor". He pronounced it "lee-kwor".

My kid, the boozer.

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