Monday, September 27, 2004


Today's been spent doing a small amount of billable work, and a lot of end-of-month maintenance. I paid the bills and mailed out a couple of invoices (which helps pay them...). Picked up a job through Apple for Wednesday that should take up some time and be useful. The Apple affiliation has been muy productive.

The weekend was hectic. Jane's store is opening this week, so she had her last day of training Saturday. She's been training in Newton, which has made the commute a pain it the butt, though that part's now over. Meanwhile, I did a 28-mile bike ride with Robert on Saturday (we headed up to Essex and back) for exercise before Jane left to go work that late shift. I took David to a birthday party that afternoon right down the street - he was in a pissy mood while we walked over and finally came out of it after we'd been there around 20 minutes. Then he had a blast. Basically, he's going through a stage where he doesn't want to be independent anymore - he wants to be carried everywhere ("carry you?"). If we resist, he has a meltdown. And on the way to the party we fought that battle and I won.

Can you win, yet lose, a battle like that? Yep.

After the party (he was felling much better after that and pretty much skipped home), we had dinner and went out to do a few errands. We got back rather late, so I had just enough time to give him a bath and put him down by about 8:30 - he was exhausted.

Jane called me on her way home a little grumbly due to traffic problems - an accident had all but closed down Route 128 and she was stuck. I was able to steer her home via the side streets and solve the issue. Thank goodness I have a good navigator instinct!

Then yesterday we all slept late, which was nice. We only left the house once - to go pick up the keys to Jane's store at the mall and check out a going-out-of-business sale at Wayland Golf, a fine golf shop that tried to get too big, too fast. Picked up a nice shirt for real cheap, and bought the kiddie club set so when David begs me to let him golf with me next year, I can call his bluff.

Today, he's over at a friend's house all day instead of at day care - we're doing that whenever Jane works 5 weekdays. Our friend's son is an only child who doesn't go to preschool yet, so it's a chance for David to get a change in the routine and for the other child to socialize a little more. Works out for everyone. And my sinus infection came roaring back over the weekend, so we can now strike Zithromax from the list of Stuff Josh Can Take For A Surefire Cure. It worked for a few years, which is all you can expect of an antibiotic nowadays.

I know, waah.

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