Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I got something goin' on...

But I don't know what it might be.

The last few days have been a whirlwind. I had solo David duties on Saturday, but I decided that Jane could use a breather so we drove her to and from work that day as bookends. But us guys had some Quality Time inserted between trips. Sunday was a relaxation day for all involved, Jane included.

Then yesterday was a long day for him. I dropped him off at 9, and then went to Woburn a little later for a meeting and some training work that got me back to Beverly at 5 to pick him up. By that time, other parents had started to arrive and he was real upset because none of them so far had been me. He perked right up when I got there, though.

Today I made it up to him. Not only did I take him in late (9:30), but then I came by after his lunch and took him for a walk down to the ponds. You should have seen the look of utter joy on his face when I walked in - it was heartwarming. We hung out for about 20 minutes and watched the ducks together, then I took him back and he happily went right in for his nap. After doing a few hours' worth of customer work, I picked him up around 4:15-ish and we left to go get a prescription.

Amusingly, while waiting in the drugstore I got a call from a customer whose Internet connection was down. So David and I stopped by to troubleshoot the issue, which was amusing in and of itself. Once Jane came home, we all headed down to the Willows for a cheap dinner by the waterfront. His table manners are improving rapidly, which I think is at least partly being driven by daycare.

The bike ride may be cancelled if Ivan threatens too much. I will be doing my final two days of training tomorrow and Thursday regardless - 20 miles tomorrow and 10 Thursday. I want to do the ride, since I've trained for several months and I believe in the cause.

I'm also in grave danger of paying myself again soon. We shall see how the invoices stack up.

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