Thursday, September 23, 2004

Software experimentation

I'm trying Thursby's ADmitMac right now. It's a more sophisticated AD client over the Samba-based client that ships in MacOS X, though it can also use Directory Access to draw info. So far, it's interesting enough that I can see some customer use for it. The Network Utility included with it is a nice tool for basic Windows network troubleshooting - worth the $119 SRP by itself if you're a Mac person trying to help manage a Windows network. It's going to be a fun tool to get familiar with.

On another note, I'm having a very poor sinus day. It may be allergies from the weather changes, it may be leftover glop from my sinusitis (I took my drugs according to recommendations, though), or maybe David's cold was different enough from the one I had that I'm getting a little bit winged by it. Either way, carrying around extra tissues is no fun.

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