Thursday, January 30, 2003

For those of you updating your calendars at home

Yesterday was another milestone of sorts - I finally took the infant seat base out of Jane's car and installed the car seat in it's place. Then I took our fancy umbrella stroller and put it in her trunk (though the stroller is one of those English Maclaren strollers, so I should probably say that I tossed it in her car's boot), leaving the giant stroller that came with the travel system for my own truck.

Ergo, no more infant carrier in use! We'll still throw it in the trunk occasionally for the next month or so - if we take him out to a restaurant he can't quite sit up on his own yet, so it makes a good chair. But we don't schlep him around in it anymore.

The catalyst for this move was yesterday at lunchtime. Jane was headed out to an appointment, and I was putting him in the carrier for her - well, with his sweats on over his sleeper and his jacket on I couldn't buckle the darned thing. For her trip out we had to lose the jacket and cover him with a blanket, and I did the switcheroo as soon as I got home.

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