Monday, January 20, 2003

As of last report...

I last got an update from Speakeasy early this afternoon. They did not yet have a confirmation from Worldcom that the line had been released. Ergo there is still no line for Covad to grab.

Of course, this requires several different Verizon operations - it's way too complicated to issue a single work order that says "take the Turiel house line's DSL lineshare, locate it on Worldcom's DSLAM, and move it to Covad's, in the position it was in last Monday morning before we screwed it up".

No, that's too easy.

Bottom line: I will be back on line with _some_ form of IP connectivity no later than Wednesday, because the cable folks are coming that day to drop off a ($19.95 per month for the first three months, with no installation fee and a free cable modem) cable modem. So I will be on line by that afternoon as a worst-case scenario. We'll see how it plays out then, and determine which broadband technology stays in the house, long-term.

Even if my DSL magically goes back up tomorrow, I'll still take the cable crack while we make darn sure it stays. Jane has instructions that under no circumstances is she to let the cable guy anywhere near one of our computers. He is to drop off the modem, leave the phone number for me to register my MAC address (I'll register my Netopia R910 router, thank you very much...), and go away.

Cable guys usually like to avoid work, so that should turn out OK.

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