Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Ouch - teething hurts

Teething pains are proving to be a drag on the little guy. As the day winds down, he starts getting a lot fussier - usually around 7 or so. He's been going to sleep a little earlier than usual lately, too. Night time has seen him wake up occasionally lately, and when that happens Jane goes in and comforts him for a little while to get him back to sleep. That usually works.

He's trying to learn sitting up and crawling - I'm not sure which skill he'll master first. He can sit unsupported for about 10-20 seconds if you put him there, but he can't get to a sitting position quite yet, as he hasn't realized his hands can push him up. He rolls around (and travels quite well that way), and he's making most of the right motions to crawl, but he can't get the grip on the floor he needs in order to move.

As far as his other skills go, he's feeding himself the bottle, and his tongue-thrust reflex is gone so he eats much easier. We're exposing him to some new foods every couple of days. Feedings are now 4 bottles daily (that's been the number for a while now), and 2-3 jars of food/cereal. He's gotten very strong for such a little thing, and pinning him down for diaper changes can get Jane and I to work up a sweat pretty easily.

Lastly, we've started to keep the TV off in his presence most of the time, because he gets distracted too easily by it and we want him to be focusing on other things first. We do have him watching his Baby Einstein DVD's every day or two.

For those of you who like to go view them, I posted new pictures over the weekend, covering pretty much all of January.

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