Thursday, January 30, 2003

As long as DSL is on my mind

First off - no, it's not resolved yet. Verizon's databases don't show my line as cleared yet, so we're waiting for the system to catch up before Covad can reconnect me.

Secondly, and on a quasi-related note, are we the only folks who are sick and tired of Verizon trying to sell us their DSL? We get 1-2 direct mail pieces per week, and we're getting phone calls from their telemarketers about once per week on average. Another one came tonight, after I finally had lost patience with the last caller and told them that no, I wasn't interested, no, I would never be interested, and please be so kind as to never call us again. Obviously, that had no effect.

The ironic thing is I pseudo-have DSL today, and I've had it for a long time. Yet they aren't capable of bouncing my number from their system as having existing DSL service. Grumble.

If they spent more time working their network, and less money trying to sell it to people who don't want it, perhaps they could manage to give static IP addresses out and ditch their dumb-ass PPPoE client system. Then maybe I'd use them - but only if they're literally the last DSL provider in business.

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