Thursday, January 09, 2003

Back in the saddle again...

As of 4 PM today, we are back on-line. The Zyxel 650-series DSL modem arrived early afternoon, and as soon as I got home I went down to the cellar and plugged it in to replace the DirecTV X2 gateway that is now a cool-looking doorstop. Plugin to sync took about 30 seconds - I'd already pre-configured my router and my external DNS, so it came up and was functioning immediately. I told ZoneEdit to despool all my backed-up email, and all was well.

I did have to remember to update the DNS servers in my AirPort base station a little later so Jane's iMac would work, but that was no biggie, and she was out while I worked. We're back up on Speakeasy as I write this.

As for the boy - he's feeling much better today. No upchucking, and he's had three bottles today and a jar of applesauce. We'll go back to four bottles per day tomorrow, but he seems to have settled back down nicely.

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