Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Penultimate DSL update

We're doing OK on cable (though, as I remembered from my prior experience with them, the ATTBI DNS servers eat it raw) for now. Meanwhile, Worldcom cleared out my line on Friday, so I expect Covad to snap it back up shortly - probably some time today. When it comes back up, I'll give it a day or so to make sure it's staying up and then cut back over to it.

Upload speeds are lower on Covad (it's 1.5/128 service), so those of you who view my website may notice it slows down a little. I'm debating moving it to my .Mac account, which has 100MB of disk space attached to it. I also may move my blog there at some point, but if I do I'll leave a pointer to it here.

Besides that, I'll probably post a small photo update later in the week. The little guy is now feeding himself his own bottles (with a little help tilting them occasionally from us), and he moves around the room by rolling places. He scootches, but doesn't crawl yet. I can feel his first teeth trying to get out, but no eruption as of yet.

As for other things, we went to the annual Bernard/Nunes Super bowl party on Sunday. Wisely, I took the day off yesterday - that turned out to be good because we got home after midnight. Unfortunately, events conspired to keep me from being properly rested. Both Saturday and Sunday nights featured early morning screaming fits from the boy. Saturday's event was at 4AM, and Jane ultimately fed him back to sleep. Sunday night's happened around 2:30 - his diaper came loose so he had a wet outfit, which took a good while to settle down. Then I had to come into work yesterday for about an hour and a half to do a conference call (though I was otherwise off yesterday), and I felt like I was coming down with a cold all day (much better today, though).

So that's my whine for the week. He slept really well last night, and I got a little rest as a result. What's a little funny is that we both share the pain when he wakes up at night, because though Jane's the one who takes care of him at that point, I'm always the one who gets woken up by the monitor first.

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