Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Baby development 101

Yesterday was tough. He had an eruption yesterday morning (after which he was perfectly happy), and I came home early for lunch to help clean up the aftermath - puddles all over our downstairs hall. Yecch. He made it through the afternoon feeding OK, and he ate a half-bottle around 5. We figured the worst was over, and Jane went out to dinner with a friend of hers.

So it was my job to give him his solid feeding. I picked squash - he really likes that. Mixed in a spoonful of rice cereal, nuked it on medium for 10 seconds, and he had a meal. I fed him his first bite, and he spit up/dribbled out some formula from his earlier feeding. I waited a minute, then pressed on.

Big mistake.

After about 5 more spoonfuls, he erupted on a scale I've never seen before. He puked the squash. He puked all the previous bottle. He probably puked some of the bottle he'd eaten about 6 hours prior. All over himself, the highchair, my arm, and the floor.

So I went into Damage Control Mode. First, I stabilized the patient. Not too difficult, because he wasn't all that upset. I took him upstairs, washed him, changed his outfit, and put him on his play mat. Then I stripped the cover and pad off the highchair, removed the straps (they were soaked, too), and put it all in a corner. I scrubbed down the chair and the tray, cleaned the floor, then I took everything upstairs for a run through the washer. About then, Jane came home and watched over the boy while I cleaned, scrubbed, and sterilized.

So what did he have for his late bottle last night? A whopping four ounces of Pedialyte. Yum. But that got some fluids back into him well. He didn't puke any of it back up, and slept really well last night.

As for other developmental issues, he now happily rolls from his back to his front, and back again. He started doing that last week (the 31st), and now he's taken to sleeping on his stomach at night. Now that he can roll when he wants to, we're not so worried about his sleeping position - but we still lay him down on his back at bedtime anyway.

In other news, as of 08:22 EST, my new DSL modem was on a truck for delivery. I've already programmed my router for the new IP address/route, and updated my DNS zone. So it should be plug-and-go later today - hopefully by lunchtime.

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