Monday, May 03, 2004

My second line

I have a second phone line at work, also with a good phone number. But since the day it was turned on, I've been getting anywhere from 2-8 phone calls per day from a fax machine. I don't have a fax, so they either irritate me or irritate my voicemail (making me think I have a message). The only bright side is that I forward my main phone line to my cell when I'm out of the office, and the line in question doesn't forward as well.

Verizon can't do anything about it without either making me buy caller ID or pay for tracing. So I just came up with my own solution: I've rigged up my PowerBook to answer that line with it's own fax server, then send me an e-mail to let me know when it happens. It'll capture the junk fax, and hopefully then give me the sender info so I can go find the sender and do one of three things: convince them to stop, turn them over for prosecution, or just hurt them badly.

Which one depends on what they keep faxing me, I guess. I'm planning solution number 1 or 2, and I'd rather not do number 3, since it would be illegal.

But I wouldn't complain if they accidentally got hit by a bus.

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