Sunday, May 16, 2004

Post-weekend update

We went down to CT round-trip yesterday to surprise my Dad in the hospital. I think he was happy and excited to see his grandson (and he didn't mind that Jane and I were there, either). His recovery is going pretty well so far.

Today, I got up at 5AM to go to the MIT Flea with my friend Greg - we met Rob, Glenn, and Frank there and took up four spaces in the garage. I sold about $400 worth of my old stuff. The cash is nice, but it's nicer to not have all that junk lying around my house.

And then, reading the paper this afternoon, I saw a nice deal at Staples - a NetGear 802.11b router for $9.98 after a $35 rebate. Well, with the $15 rewards check I had from them that expired in a week, I picked it up just now. I'm going to use it for my TiVo and all the B-only devices I have (David's iMac, TiVo, and my handheld computer), which will let me set the Linksys WAP54G AP to both G-only mode and to use WPA instead of WEP. Much cooler for my other systems and my laptops.

The best part - with the $15 check that I could only use at Staples, I was just essentially paid $5 to take the NetGear off their hands. I had nothing else there I really needed, so the check would have gone to waste otherwise.


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