Monday, May 24, 2004

Happy birthday, kid...

The Dude is 2 now. Wow.

To celebrate, we put him to sleep in the Big Boy Bed (also known as a toddler bed) for the first time tonight - he's napped there but hasn't spent the night until now. It's gone well so far, and he's snoozed out a massive thunderstorm that's been raging for hours.

Question: If you buy a bargain wireless AP and it dies in less than a week, is it still a bargain?

Answer: When I make them replace it tomorrow afternoon, it is. But I still got paid to take it anyways.

The Netgear croaked within a day of deploying it. I figured this out when TiVo was warning me tonight it had less than a week's program data left. I still had a wireless signal, but couldn't forward packets, and TiVo had a 169 address, meaning the DHCP lease had expired.

Problem temporarily solved - switch the Linksys AP upstairs to WEP temporarily (I prefer WPA), add TiVo to the authorized client table, and reset the TiVo to use my other network instead. Getting the Netgear dealt with will be the real fix, as I don't like to use mixed mode on my Linksys and I hate WEP.

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