Monday, May 10, 2004

Clearing up a few points

I just wanted to clear up a few points about Iraq, for the clueless:

1 - Iraq was not involved in any way with September 11th. There was no connection. In fact, Al Qaeda hated the secular Baathist regime in Baghdad almost as much as they hate us.

2 - Iraq was not actively using or maintaining any WMD whatsoever. They did have them at one point (in the late 1980s), but had not had any since the first Gulf War.

3 - It is perfectly plausible for someone to vote for a war resolution, but oppose the war. At this point, it's obvious that Hussein was bluffing the UN inspectors because he was more afraid of what could have happened to him if people knew he no longer had WMD. The resolution we passed here could have been used as leverage to force Hussein to open up (instead of just going straight to war), but it wasn't.

4 - Without proper supervision, prison guards tend to do bad things to prisoners. See "The Stanford Experiment".

5 - More to the point, I know that the "bad guys" have no moral qualms with doing terrible things to our troops and our prisoners. But we're the United States of America. We're the beacon of hope and democracy to the world. We are supposed to play fair, no matter what.

And we're not.

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