Sunday, May 23, 2004

'Twas a lovely day for a birthday

We had David's 2-year party (the actual birthday is tomorrow) today at a play area here in town. It was well-attended, and the little guy had a lot more fun than he did last year, when he just kinda sat there like a lump. I'll be posting pictures sometime this week in the usual place.

I was thinking a few days ago about cultural (read: TV) trends that I completely missed out on. My tastes normally run to cooking shows, wrestling, home improvement TV, the occasional newscast, and sports - baseball and football in particular. I only watch golf on TV during the majors (really just the Masters, but sometimes I watch some of the other three) and the Skins Game. Otherwise I prefer playing to watching. I also like Dave Attell's Insomniac, which is a very funny show indeed.

But with that list, virtually nothing "mainstream" is on it. I've watched arguably three or four cumulative hours of Friends during all the years it was on, and those mainly because Jane was watching it and I didn't want to avoid her during that time. I've never seen Alias or 24, despite the buzz both got. I have not and will not ever watch American Idol. If you actually care about the winner, you really need a life. The Bachelor? A saw a little bit of it early on because Jane liked it. I completely avoided the last two versions. I don't feel I missed out. I also went 0-for-Big Brother, though I did see the grainy webcam footage of the one girl getting naked a couple of seasons ago. And the granddaddy of 'em all, Survivor? I watched some of the first installment. Never since. Jay Leno? Like the guy, hate the show. Fawning, obsequious Hollywood chatter doesn't do it for me. I'm strictly a Letterman watcher.

I haven't just avoided Friends, though. I've skipped virtually every sitcom since Seinfeld went off the air, and I only saw that on rare occasions. I like South Park and The Simpsons, but I deem neither to be TiVo-worthy so I skip them.

It's not that I'm a snarky elitist who looks down on TV. Heck, I watch pro wrestling. It doesn't get any less elitist. I just see most of it as not worth the bother - and if I watch a show and get hooked on it then I have to make time in my life for it. Time that can be better used elsewhere.

In this case, it can be used going to sleep early tonight, because I'm dealing with a stomach bug. Good night!

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