Monday, May 03, 2004

Trivial thoughts

As an intermezzo of sorts, here are some thoughts and notes that have been bumping around in my life and head the last couple of days:

- David is much better now. He developed a mild case of hives after his fever broke for good, but they've cleared up already.

- I made some minor updates to my company website last week. Changed a few phrases, updated the navigation system, and added my logo. I'm using FrontPage 2003 as the generator tight now, because I'm trying to get a little more familiar with some of the Windows tools. I still prefer BBEdit.

Saturday afternoon I went to the local Borders to buy a tech book for the office. I'm a huge fan of Amazon, and I usually get my book supply from there and the library, but I was reminded of just how pleasurable it can be to spend time in a brick & mortar bookstore. Even if I don't buy a ton of books, I have to start visiting them more.

- David now has an air conditioner. We picked one up for him at Lowe's yesterday, and I installed it after he took his nap. It's remarkable just how much air conditioners have improved in the last few years. You'd expect all the innovation to be over in that field given the maturity. Of course, none of them are made here anymore.

- Buying him an air conditioner gave me a nice excuse to cut wood (fitting it to the window frame). I got to play with the circular saw a few times. Yay! I could feel the testosterone surging with every chop!

- I started working out again just about a month ago - 6 days per week I go downstairs to my basement gym and lift weights for about 20 minutes. It's starting to feel good. Maybe that's where the testosterone came from.

- I'm not panicked about the Sox gettign swept over the weekend. I wasn't too excited when they swept the Yankees last weekend. Come July, I'll start thinking a lot more about it. It's way too early right now. If they win 15 in a row or lose 10 in a row, I't'll start mattering more before then. But given that the Yankees are the Yankees, the Orioles are much improved, and the Jays can't be as bad as their start, there's still a lot of race up ahead.

- You know, I just realized they were having the Kentucky Derby about a half-hour after it was over?

- Jane kind of enjoys NASCAR. I'm not into it as much, but I'm getting a lot more tolerant. There are some wonderfully geeky elements to the sport, with all the technology getting used.

- I added a few new links this weekend on the navigation frame of this blog. Give 'em a look-see!

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