Saturday, May 29, 2004

Since I had to replace it anyways...

I wound up picking up another Linksys (I still like their stuff - it was the first failure I've ever had of one of their products) router, but I upsized slightly to their VPN endpoint model. Still really cheap. Got it running last night, and maybe over the weekend I'll set up the VPN capability.

I finished the month of May with a small profit, which is nice. Not enough to justify paying myself yet, but it's always good when the cash pile doesn't shrink at all. As of right now, it looks like June should be a pretty good month. I have several active projects that will bill then, plus I'm doing a business expo later in the month as well.

Jane cleared out the air ferns on the side of our house last week to make a fenced-in area for David to play in. He loves it.

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