Friday, May 28, 2004


The cheap old Linksys I've been using as my office router died this morning - and died again a little while ago. I'm going to head back over there later on tonight and replace it. Grumble.

Played a round of golf yesterday. Thankfully I'd already played my league round, because I just plain sucked. I parred the fourth hole - the long par five, but that's a par in name only. After being given a mulligan (you can't have them when the game actually counts), I hit my tee shot way right and up on a high bluff. I hit my second shot poorly, into the trees on the right about 140 yards away from me. But a nice bounce knocked it back into the rough. With the sun in my eyes, I hit the third shot (I thought) right at the green, but I went left and down the hill away. My blind chip shot landed only a few feet from the pin, though, and I sank the putt.

Never hit a fairway the entire hole, but I still shot a 5. Go figure.

I'll post more over the weekend - honest.

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