Thursday, May 13, 2004

My first BSOD

I was able to get the XP build on my Inspiron to BSOD for the first time today - inserting a USB flash drive that I wanted to wipe. It was repeatable, too. Only that one, though - my other one works fine. I was finally able to wipe it by putting it in my 2003 SBS server machine.

In other technical news, I've installed VMware on the aforementioned SBS box (a dually 2.8) and I'm trying to debug what appears to be a pesky problem with a DIMM and one of my Celery boxes. I'm also working on a small Access programming job for a customer, but I'm mainly doing infrastructure work this week.

I also have Ghost running OK on the LAN (I'm using the SBS as the console server). The classroom PCs are being rebuilt to take advantage of it.

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