Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yo Mama's Day

We're heading out in a few minutes for a nice brunch down in Swampscott. We'll see what kind of behavior we can get out of David. Should be interesting.

The past week was a pretty good workout week for me in my ongoing quest for better fitness. I lifted weights six days out of the week (I skip it on Tuesdays), and I played golf one day, walked the Shoe Pond trail another, and yesterday went for a bike ride with my friend Robert bright and early. I need to do some minor repairs to my old mountain bike, I discovered (the derailleurs are out of whack), and I probably should replace the knobby tires with semi-slicks - that'll give it less rolling resistance. I have another frame to build out into a road bike, but meantime I can beef up what I have.

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