Friday, May 07, 2004

Was there a TV show last night?

Actually, I watched a little of it with Jane. She, on the other hand, watched the whole ordeal - the retrospective first hour, the finale, and the "Tonight Show" group interrogation.

I'm not a Leno fan, so I watched the previous night's Letterman on my TiVo instead.

What made "Friends" the cultural phenomenon it became? I never really saw the kind of appeal in it that most people did (as the ratings prove). It wasn't a bad show, just not a great one. The characters were nice and innocuous, but it never drew me in. The last two sitcoms I watched on any sort of regular basis were "Seinfeld" and "Home Improvement" - but I never really made appointments to watch them (in the pre-TiVo era), so even those I saw rarely.

I'm sure eventually there will be a new "it" sitcom. But I'll probably miss it, too. Oh well.

In other news, David taught himself to turn on a desk lamp. He was particularly delighted with the discovery. He's also at the point where every discovery of a new word produces a shriek of delight - yesterday we taught him what a fireplace was by showing him the one in Goodnight Moon. He made the connection pretty quickly.

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