Sunday, April 10, 2005

Unwanted advice

I just read a story about how the opposition in Zimbabwe (which consists of darned near everyone) is all depressed and resigned after Robert Mugabe stole yet another election through rampant fraud.

Well, not to give out unsolicited advice or anything, but my message to the people of Zimbabwe is this: why don't you stop whining and do something about it? Rise up en masse & force him out - it worked in Ukraine a few months ago, and it worked in that weird little former Soviet republic that where they got all mad a few weeks ago because they had no vowels. Or just have somebody kill him. It works for other tinpot dictators - heck, if someone had had the good sense to do that in Iraq to Hussein when it should have become obvious that our moron-in-chief was nutty enough to actually invade, we might have avoided this war.

Thankfully, as awful as Bush is we can count on him stepping down legally at the end of this term, as all previous presidents in this nation have. In nations where that doesn't happen, you've got to do something about it yourselves.

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