Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pseudo-Random thoughts

First off - the WWE was crazy to release Matt Hardy this week. Just because he went public with the information that Edge was tapping his fiance (Amy "Lita" Dumas), and they had split up as a result isn't a good reason to dump a guy who was one of the top performers you had. With two brands to work with, they could just as easily have sent Hardy back to Smackdown and kept him away from Edge and Lita while the whole situation cooled. Now we'll wind up with both Hardys on TNA (Jeff went there last year), which will probably help them a little in their quest for a better network slot.

Apple officially announced MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) this morning. It'll be available on the 29th, and any Mac purchase made from today onwards qualifies to get an "Up-To-Date" program copy of Tiger for $10. Tiger will probably be a boon to my business in the short term - it may help me close a few accounts that have been dangling, plus manage upgrades in a few others.

Yesterday was nearly perfect - as a birthday gift, the day was beautiful (if a little chilly), the Sox got their rings, the banner went up at Fenway, they won easily, and A-Rod made a 3-run error. Perfect.

Besides Tiger, there's a lot of work that's started to close lately. Which is good, because the winter months were very spotty for me - I did OK, but failed to anticipate some of the expenses I should have remembered (like my insurance renewal, for instance). And I suspect my deadbeat customer whose dead server I rescued (twice) has gone under - the public site hasn't been updated in forever, and the rescued server itself is now completely off-line. If that's the case, good riddance - you stiff the guy who bailed you out and you deserve to go toesup.com.

The MCE review I'm writing is almost finished. I made a lot of progress on it over the weekend.

Finally for now - I'm so glad the royal wedding Saturday went well. They were going to make a movie about it in Hollywood - except they couldn't use the name they wanted. It seems "The Horse Whisperer" had already been taken. At least they're too old to inbreed further, though.

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