Monday, April 25, 2005

My mediocre weekend

Since my last post, I've had a couple of nights' where the combination of a cough (now getting better, thankfully) and a sore throat that feels like I'm gargling with razors have made me rather grumpy. Friday wasn't too bad (and we went out to my bowling league wrap-up banquet that night), but I've felt like crud the last two days. I went to the doctor on Saturday with David in tow and was diagnosed with uvulitis (a bacterial inflammation of the uvula). so I'm on antibiotics.

Otherwise, though, the weekend was OK - I spent a lot of time playing with David despite my lack of energy (we played trains a lot). And I took him to see my broken car, but it was already sealed away in the body shop - a good sign pointing towards rapid return. Which is good, because David has decided he doesn't like the "temporary car" (a 2005 Nissan Quest).

I'm fairly busy this week for the most part, doing a spyware cleanup tomorrow afternoon, a networking job tonight, and having a meeting with a new client in the morning tomorrow for starters. There's a few more things to keep me busy as well. April's been a pretty good month so far.

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