Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bam Thwok

I just had One Of Those Days yesterday. Oh, it started well enough, despite my minor cold and sore throat. I took David to school, did some work here in the office, and then went home for lunch and a little bit of home chores before heading in to Cambridge for an ACN regional meeting.

Except I never arrived. While I was heading out of town, I got rear-ended pretty hard by a car driven by the 17-year-old son of a former coworker of mine. He was basically driving like 17-year-olds do - not noticing that, despite the light changing to green, the intersection ahead was congested and none of the cars in front of him had moved yet. So BAM! my trip was over.

After summoning the police to write up the report, I wound up limping the minivan over to the Chevy dealer's body shop, where it will be until sometime next week. I dealt with all the insurance bother, secured a rental car (which the other driver's company will be paying for), and headed on home - by the time everything was taken care of it was about 6PM and there was no way I'd be making it in to Cambridge. So now the insurers are taking care of all the details and I'm driving a rented Nissan Quest.

I did go out with a few folks later for the end of bowling season - our league wrapped up last night (about a month later than usual), so now I have my Wednesday nights free again until fall. Which is good.

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