Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Memo to self

I just got back from my first morning ride on the new bicycle - it's a lot faster than the old one. And the ride helped me clear a lot of gunk from my lungs, which was a bonus. In keeping with a trend set in the latter part of last year's riding season, Robert blew the ride off - which I kind of expected since it was chilly out (you lazy sack!). However, I do have to make some adjustments to the bike before I head out next (probably Friday morning, if the weather forecasts I saw the other night are accurate):

- Adjust pedals to allow less lateral motion
- Switch seats with the Fuji
- Straighten left control lever
- change angle on bike computer
- Move pump back to downtube

Other than those minor tweaks, the bike (a LeMond Etape) handles nicely, with very little flex. I'll have to learn to trust it more - it can turn much quicker than the Fuji mountain bike I've ridden for the last decade plus can muster, plus it's more stable in a given direction. The Fuji has the nice Specialized road seat I bought for it last year, which I'll move over to the LeMond - the included seat isn't bad but the Specialized is way nicer.

I also should get a different pair of gloves (the ones I have are way too tight, and the stitching is coming out), and maybe a pair of tights for the occasional cold morning. The gloves are important, the tights less so.

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