Wednesday, July 23, 2003

It turned out to be easy

Last night, after I came home from playing golf ("I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for quite awhile."), I was playing with David upstairs while Jane was in the living room watching TV. As both my loyal readers know, David figured out climbing stairs about a month ago. We've been trying to teach him how to descend since shortly afterwards, but our chosen method (bring him up a few steps and try to demonstrate) had only resulted in getting him to climb.

We were playing on the bed, and I noticed that he could squirm to the edge and shimmy down backwards. So I tried something. I went down the hall to the gate, opened it, and got him to chase Gracie and I. I went around the corner and down a couple of steps. He went through the gate after me, came to the edge of the stairs, and then...

He turned around, butt-first, and shimmied down a step. And he followed me down the whole stairs that way. We were very happy, and expressed it to him with a few big hugs and some smooching - he was in a very good mood the rest of the evening and slept like a log all night. New skill - yay!

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