Monday, July 28, 2003

Now he's getting a little cocky about it

Fortunately, he isn't allowed to go up and down unsupervised yet, though. What he's tried the last couple of days is holding onto the bannister and stepping down with one leg turned sideways. Generally, however, that results in not being quite able to reach the next step down and a sideways tumble into my waiting hands.

He'll learn.

Meanwhile, my folks visited this weekend, and we went out to the Gull in Gloucester for lunch yesterday before they went home. We all had lobster sandwiches for lunch - David included. He really liked it, too (he's had lobster a few times before). Unfortunately, he had a meltdown on our way home, and screamed from when we got onto Route 128 in Gloucester all the way thru Beverly. About 12 miles, to be nearly exact. That part wasn't fun.

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