Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Well, that's a relief

I had my annual physical yesterday. Fortunately, it appears I shall live at least another year. The only downside thus far is that now prostate exams are part of the routine. I have managed to lose a little weight since my efforts began earlier this year (I'm down one pants size), and hopefully that'll continue.

In other news, I played golf afterwards and somehow shot a 48. That's a little low for me on my home course, but the entire round pretty much teetered on the edge of disaster throughout. When I finished, it felt more like I shot a 58. Golf's odd like that, which is one of the reasons I enjoy playing it so much. Unlike most other sports, you can play poorly (like I did yesterday) and still get all the breaks in your favor - or you can play brilliantly (like I did last week) and have no luck at all. I played much better last week, but my score was actually 2 strokes worse. Go figure.

However, I still think that with a couple of exceptions (The Masters, the Skins Game, Ryder Cup), golf is high on the list of Most Tedious Things You Can Watch On Television.

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