Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A new favorite game

David's discovered a new fun game - he plays tag with me. Basically, here's how the game works:

1 - I leave the room he's in downstairs. After a few seconds, I lean in and give him a loud "boo".

2 - He turns towards me, shrieks, giggles, and starts chasing me. I duck behind the next door after he gets me back in his field of vision.

3 - We repeat the process until he's done about 6 laps or so of our house's downstairs.

Not only does he love playing the game, but it tires him out nicely at bedtime. He also takes steps with me holding his hands, and can stand for short intervals. All fun developments.

He also had his first bath in the regular bathtub on Monday (to wash him down after his swimming lesson). He really liked that - lots of water to splash around. Gracie sits on the edge of the tub to watch him.

Danny, on the other hand (the older, dumber cat), may not be able to stick around with us much longer. He really doesn't like David at all - when David gets close, Danny hisses and runs away. He pretty much avoids all of us now. We only see him at night when he sleeps on the foot of the bed. As far as Jane and I are concerned, though, as long as he's in decent health the only option is finding him another home - I can't put him in a shelter and I won't put him to sleep. It's going to take some work and creative thinking to figure this out.

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