Friday, July 18, 2003

Quality Time

Jane was out most of the time after I came home yesterday (she had an appointment down the street, and then she was going out for dinner with a couple of her friends). So I got to spend an evening having quality time with David. For starters, he got sleepy after Jane had been gone a few minutes. So I put him down for a nap and prepared dinner.

Of course, halfway through my dinner he woke up. So I brought him down and we ate together. I had microwave lasagna. He had half a slice of American cheese and a tray full of Cheerios, with a cup of milk as a chaser. Then we played together for a while, I read him a book (as a compromise, I read to him from the book I was finishing - Back Story, the newest Spenser), and then he snuggled with me on the sofa while I watched some TV. He went to bed around 9:30 or so. It was a pleasant evening for all.

However, my original plan for the evening was for us to so out and do some errands (I have to pick up supplies at BJ's and Target), so that was postponed to today by virtue of the nap. It throws off timing.

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