Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Things are a little grumpy at Casa Turiel this week. David appears to be possibly getting another tooth - he had a little blood in his slobber yesterday and he's getting whiny again. Of course, it may just have been from a undetected fall, but I suspect a tooth-related nick on his gum. In general, though, he's been fairly high-strung for the last few days. When we went to a baby shower this past Saturday he was real good, though.

And then there's the move. We bought a new house last week, and are planning to do the whole deal right around Labor Day (interested in ours? It's listed on isoldmyhouse.com - e-mail me for info). The inspection was Sunday, and it turned up a few minor, but annoying things that we're going to go have some tradesmen further evaluate today. Hopefully it'll all be minor enough that we don't have to either revisit or cancel the deal. We'll see. Yes, the new house can and will have DSL just like the current house does. It's 6700 feet from the CO.

So all in all, moving will probably be a Good Thing (I'll really miss our current house, though - it's a great turn-of-the-century home), but all the stuff associated with it simply ratchets up the stress levels. It also basically kills the vacation I was planning to take in September - we were going to go down to the Vineyard, but now we'll be moving around the same time.

Besides that, David is getting tougher to feed as he makes a shift to self-feeding. He can't quite handle a lot of foods yet, and he has definite favorites, but spoon feeding is now only something we can do if he's too tired to feed himself but he's still hungry. Right now he eats anything we can crumble for him. He also had cornbread the other day at the baby shower, and loved it. We're going to start cooking and dicing bits of veggies for him this week, too. He does not have the spoon thing down yet, though, and I expect that to take some time. The increased food fussiness is also a thing that causes grumpiness - but he's so cute it doesn't last long.

On a more cheerful note concerning the boy, he now pulls up pretty routinely, and can stand with a little assistance (mainly steadying him from the back). He has a new fun activity - he claps when you tell him to (say "clap clap clap" to him and watch him go), and he likes to pattycake. He also tries to chew on us whenever we allow it. And he's has a bit of a breakthrough with Gracie - now instead of just clutching her he actually tries to pat her, though he's still a little rough. But she loves it anyways.

The one TV show he watches routinely is Teletubbies. That works out because it comes on at our lunchtime, so Jane and/or I can eat lunch while he watches it, and he really likes it. Other than the Baby Einstein videos, there's not a lot of TV he watches otherwise, unless we're watching TiVo with him in the room with us. Mostly he plays with his toys, plays with his parents and cat (who also fall into the "toy" category), and chews on books. We read to him or try to teach him words pretty much every day. And he loves music. Most mornings now Jane knows when he's up, not because he starts screaming but because he gets up in his crib and starts his music box playing.

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