Thursday, May 29, 2003

Boy news

He's still under the effects of the bug he picked up late last week - between the newest tooth, a cold, and the stomach bug (trust me, the cleanup the last two afternoons has not been pretty), he's been kinda hurting. He's still pleasant as heck, though, and generally happy most of the time.

Yesterday we took him to the doctor's for his 1-year checkup. Everything's proceeding on-track, and we have the relevant numbers from this session below. However, one thing to take as a cautionary matter - he was not very happy to be there and struggled on the table. So the height measurement is definitely off (by as much as an inch or so), and the weight is better, but still may be off plus/minus a few ounces.

Anyhow - here they are:
Height - 30 inches (he measured 1/4 inch taller last time - obviously he hasn't shrunk, it's the squirminess talking here)
Weight - 21 pounds, 14 ounces (up nearly 2 pounds)

He was due for the chickenpox shot this time, but didn't get it due to his being sick. He's going back next week for that. As for the illness, we're just feeding him water and bland food at his feedings, and smaller doses from the bottle. It worked last time he was sick - it'll work this time, too. He should be OK in a couple more days.

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