Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Over the weekend

Even though the Dude's birthday isn't until Saturday, we had the party this past weekend. Almost everyone we invited made it, including several of our friends who drove up all the way from Connecticut. Mad props to them!

The party itself was almost an anticlimax. It was a lot of fun, but the little guy's really too young to appreciate the effort. Mainly he just wanted to sleep - as we'd interrupted his nap to bring him over on time. I took a lot of pictures, as did our friends. I'll be posting it all later this week.

Developmentally, he's doing pretty much the same as in the last update. Pulling up is getting easier and quicker than it was, and he stays up longer and does more once he gets up. He also takes side-to-side steps. Usually when we come in for him in the morning he's standing in his crib waiting for us. He also crawls at breakneck speed now.

Feeding is still going pretty well. He self-feeds pretty much anything that we put in front of him that he can pick up. We shred food for him because he still can't differentiate on size. He's mastered the sippy cup now, and we're giving him whole milk sometimes instead of water. He still drinks 3-4 bottles of formula per day as well.

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