Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Last night's show was even better

As I mentioned previously, we went to the SmackDown! taping last night in Manchester. Great show - probably the best live show I've been to in the couple of years I've been going to them. I marked out big time for the "surprise" ending (In the worst-kept secret arguably ever, Hulk Hogan returned as a masked character called "Mr. America, in a horrible disguise). The arena in Manchester is terrific - not too large, but big enough for the full show with pyro, raised stage, and all. The ventilation system is great, way better than the one in Worcester. The sound system was also top-notch. I wouldn't mind going to a concert or sporting event up there sometime. I took a bunch of pictures, and since I was on the floor, I got a bunch of good ones. I'll be posting them, along with Sunday's pictures, an the next day or so. E-mail me if you want the link when it's done.

Unfortunately, Jane and I are nursing simultaneous colds, but it's not too bad as colds go. Pretty minor, actually - I'm already past the worst of it. At least it's not the supercold. I'm glad we went, though I gave Jane the option of calling it off. had she not wanted to go, I wouldn't have been bitter at all - if we're too sick, we're too sick. But it was worth it.

Here's an ironic thing I noticed last night. The security at the arena was very tight. Separate men's and women's entrance lanes, with full pat-downs as you enter before you get to the ticket taker. But once you get in, you can buy beer by the bottle. And take it back into the arena. Thank goodness the heels didn't come out on top last night in the finale, otherwise those bottles might have been flying. Security was much more lassez-faire in Worcester, and there was an extended fight in the upper tier above us that night. No issues at all yesterday.

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