Friday, May 23, 2003

Latest update

New service, wcom to covad migration, never been up. Loop install was 5/22, wcom service dropped on 5/21. Has cpe pluged and powered, no chages to phone service since wcom service dropped. using a Dataquest 200ES. router: ADSL-blinking, LAN-solid, power,solid, activity-flashing. ATM seg ping is good. DSLAm shows port down and no activity ever. Rebooted CPE and reseated cables. lights the same on no activity on DSLAM. Customer is avaliable M - F 8am -5pm for dispatch if needed.
DSLAM Trunk Status: OK
Technology: DMT4F
Card Status: OK
Port Status: Down
Actual Port Rates: 0 kbps Downstream / 0 kbps Upstream
Margin: 0.0 dB Downstream / 0.0 dB Upstream
Upstream Cells Received from CPE: 0 ( 0 )
Downstream Cells Transmitted to CPE: 0 ( 0 )
ATM HEC Errors: 0 ( 0 )
Upstream Line Errors: 0 ( 0 )
Downstream Line Errors: 0 ( 0 )
Training Starts: 0 ( 0 )
Josh @ (my phone number)
opened covad tt

The preceding was the current status of trouble ticket #249440, which is now tied to Covad's TT# 748224. According to the update immediately before lunch, the line was completed at 09:14:31 West Coast time. However, it don't work yet. I will probably escalate this an a most personal manner shortly.

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