Monday, May 12, 2003

Closing in

We completed the P&S on Friday, after reaching an acceptable allowance for the roof work that we'll need to do. So the move is on - unless something weird happens, we'll be passing papers August 28th and moving in a couple of weeks later. Now we just have to sell our house...

This Saturday, we took David to Simard's for his first haircut. I'll be the first to say it's not the neatest cut possible (he got a bit of an inadverdent Prince Valiant), but when you consider the circumstances it all came out quite well. The pictures are online, and they show a nice, cooperative boy. But I saw the video (I should have - I shot it...), and he was one heck of a squirmer. Getting him to hold still enough to be scalped at all was a feat. He enjoyed it, though - he was just high-spirited.

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