Tuesday, May 27, 2003

In case anyone was wondering

It is now 3:58PM EDT. Verizon has not corrected my CO problem. Ergo, no DSL. They have a "commit time" of 7PM to get this done. Anyone want to bet that I'll have working DSL by then?

I didn't think so. The bottom line is that all these useless jokers just plain suck. Verizon sucks, Covad sucks, and Speakeasy sucks. Unfortunately, it's my only hope of keeping a static IP at a reasonable price (but still more than cable). So I'm waiting them out, I guess. I ordered cable Internet service again Friday afternoon, and even though they can't install until the 4th, I bet that'll still be faster than all these other useless miserable buck-passing companies get their act together.

I'll post a Dude update tomorrow, after his one-year physical. Even if I have to borrow someone else's computer to do it. However, it's a safe bet that no photo updates will be up for a while, given that I need a freaking web presence to put it on.

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